Cheap International Calls

Cheap International Calls 2.5.1

YunGO will give you a possibility to do very cheap international calls worldwide.

Call worldwide mobile and landline from $0.01/min. Try first call for free.

YunGO will give you a possibility to do very cheap international calls worldwide.

Get $0.1 right after install to check the service quality.

---Recharge your account by Visa/MasterCard and get up to 15% bonus---

Best Prices in "Special offers" to India - $0.0095/min , Bangladesh - $0.018 Pakistan - $0.02/min , Nigeria - $0.03/min

You may ask why I have to pay for calls when I can call for free?

There are many reasons.

What if the person you are calling is out of Internet access?

Or you are calling from country where VoIP is blocked?

Or you call a person that lives in a country where Internet coverage is less than 20%.

Forgot your phone at home? Don't worry, use user portal to call someone or manage your account.

Here are where YunGO is needed.

Check quality of service yourself with $0.1 initial balance, before you top up your account.

Beside cheap calls you will have a lot of features in one place. Minimum battery consumption, free worldwide high quality calls, messages and content sharing with other YunGO users.

Get virtual numbers in more than 20 countries. Send international SMS messages with low rates. Configure personalized voicemail.

YunGO main benefit:

- very cheap international calls

- very cheap virtual numbers

YunGO other features:

- free calls between YunGO users

- free texts between YunGO users

- calls and messages encryption

- content sharing

- location sharing

- group chat

- HD voice and high quality video calls

- Build in Tunnel

- conference calls

- call transfer

- PUSH notifications

- advanced voice-mail

- traditional SMS

- low battery consumption

- Intuitive interface

- AD free usage

- subscription plans

- user portal with rich possibilities

Join Now for cheap international calls!

* - In some countries You may face one way audio. This is VoIP blocking issue. We have special solution for this issue, but is not 100% solution. Please use $0.1 for trial and then do payment to avoid disputes.

* - You may be charged for data usage according to your mobile service provider when 3G is used.

* - Note that calls to numbers not in YunGO network will be charged according to rates published in application and official website. Prior to placing calls to numbers outside YunGO network user have to

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Cheap International Calls


Cheap International Calls 2.5.1

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